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How To Dry-Brine A Turkey

How To Dry Brine A Turkey EVOO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you want to put your absolute best foot forward into cooking the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner, then prepping and planning is of the utmost priority! This guide will show you how to dry-brine a turkey to the highest quality so that it is ready to go come Thanksgiving Day and you are ready to cook!

If you need a hand with the day of prep work and cooking, then look no further than our worry-free guide to roasting the perfect turkey located here!

How To Dry-Brine A Turkey Ingredients

  • 1 Whole Turkey (neck and giblets)
  • 6TBSP of Kosher Salt (Or a premade spiced turkey rub)
  • 2TBSP of Baking Powder

How To Dry-Brine A Turkey Directions

  1. Mix 6TBSPs of Kosher Salt with the 2TBSPs of Baking Powder in a mixing bowl
  2. With paper towels, carefully pat dry your Turkey
  3. Season the mixing bowl mixture on all surfaces by sprinkling it on using your hands (make sure to evenly cover with plenty of seasoning. You may not use it all depending on the size of the turkey. That’s okay!)
  4. Place the turkey on your cooking rack/pan you plan on using to cook the turkey with
  5. Place the rack/pan into the refrigerator (uncovered) for 18-36 hours
  6. Ignore any seasoning or rinsing steps when following the cooking instructions on Thanksgiving Day
  7. The longer you Dry-brine, the more its able to soak in and flavor. If you plan to Dry-brine over 24 hours (72 hours max) then make sure to cover with a plastic wrap so the turkey doesn’t dry out!

There you have it! Total prep time is about 20 minutes. Also, don’t forget that we have pulled together a recipe guide that we personally use to Roast the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey (located here)! Click here to see a full list of our recipes and let us know what you think as well as some of your favorite recipes below!

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