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Olive Oil on Ice Cream?!

Olive Oil on Ice Cream
Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVOO Good For Cooking

First off… hear us out… We haven’t completely gone off the deep end just yet… Olive Oil on Ice Cream!!

The popularity of ice cream during the summertime has brought many new flavors and recipes to the table with multiple topping options. Toppings not only make ice cream more tempting but can also add nutrition! (Finally! Healthy ice cream!!)

We are sure you have tried many ice cream toppings ranging from chocolate chips, nuts, and fresh fruits to chocolate and fruit syrups, rainbow sprinkles and mini marshmallows. But have you ever tried Extra Virgin Olive Oil on your ice cream? Yes! You read that right!

You can drizzle your favorite (Prosperity Vineyards of course 😉 ) Extra Virgin Olive Oil on your ice cream and not only add a nice fruity flavor but also add some healthy fats and nutrients to make your treat just a little bit healthier! Give it a go and you will love the rich savory flavor of the combo (also try using an infused EVOO for even more flavor!)

Why you should add Olive Oil on Ice Cream

The savory aromatic taste of Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers a good contrast to the sweetness of ice cream, giving off a variety of taste sensations. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a monounsaturated fat; it gives richness to ice cream, making them more creamy & buttery. The mild nutty and spicy flavor and irresistibly creamy, buttery texture of olive oil make a dessert worth tasting.

Additionally, a sprinkle of flaked sea salt will give a taste beyond usual ice creams and delights.

Note: remember to use flaky salt or it will dissolve into your ice cream, making it quite salty.

Which Olive Oil is Best for Ice Cream?

Thoughtfully choosing your Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of utmost importantance here or you will end up with a greasy ice cream. It’s best to usea premium, high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the best taste and quality. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or EVOO) is olive oil in its purest and healthiest form before any nutrients get stripped out by processing techniques.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil prepared using organic olives and cold press techniques is free from chemicals and richer in taste and nutrition. In ordinary olive oil, heat and chemicals added during the extraction and refining process reduce its nutrition. The refining process destroys its anti-oxidants and vitamins while converting heart-healthy fats into unhealthy fats.

Which Ice Cream Flavors Pair Best with Olive Oil?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil pairs well with most flavors of ice cream. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coconut and Pistachio are someof our favorites, especially if adding other toppings!

If sweet and savory combos are not your type, try a simple vanilla or gelato with some high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The sweetness of vanilla, complemented with EVOO’s floral and fruity flavor, will work best to give a nice delicate taste!

Some of our Favorite Ice Cream w/ Olive Oil Recipes!

We tried Extra Virgin Olive Oil drizzled over a handful of different ice cream flavors and have worked out some mouth-watering recipes. Try some and let us know what you think!

1.) Vanilla Ice Cream w/ EVOO & Cashews

Add 1 scoop of natural vanilla ice cream and sprinkle it with cashews. Drizzle some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a pinch of flaky salt and you are good to go! 

2.) Chocolate Ice Cream w/ Homemade EVOO Chocolate Sauce

Mix one teaspoon of cocoa powder in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a few drops of maple syrup to make the chocolate sauce. Add one scoop of chocolate ice cream in a bowl and a handful of seasonal fresh fruits. Top it with the EVOO chocolate sauce and the delicious delight is ready to serve!

3.) Vanilla Ice Cream w/ Honey Figs & EVOO

Add vanilla ice cream in a bowl and sprinkle some freshly cut figs coated in honey. Top it with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and your sweet and savory combo is ready!

4.) Pistachio Ice Cream w/ Flaky Salt & EVOO

Top a scoop of pistachio ice cream in a bowl with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Sprinkle some flaky salt and that’s it!

Health Benefits of Adding Olive Oil on Ice Cream

Here is the good news for those who are diet conscious and avoid ice cream despite having strong cravings! Adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil on ice cream offers many health benefits that make the indulgence worthwhile. Here are some significant benefits by adding EVOO to your ice creams.

1.) EVOO is a Rich Source of Antioxidants

EVOO oil is rich in natural antioxidants, including tocopherols, β-carotene, polyphenols, secoiridoids and flavones. The anti-inflammatory properties of these compounds can help prevent heart diseases and even cancers.

2.) EVOO is Good for Your Heart

EVOOs are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which promote heart health. EVOO also contains Vitamins E and K; these antioxidants reduce cholesterol oxidation and prevent cardiac diseases.

3.) EVOO Has Strong Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Chronic inflammation is the trigger behind many diseases, such as arthritis, type-2- diabetes, Alzheimer, cancer and many cardiac problems. Olive oil has been found to reduce the inflammation-causing agents in the body, thereby protecting against these diseases. 

4.) EVOO Decreases the Risk of Stroke

Stroke is the second most common cause of death after cardiac diseases. Thanks to the monounsaturated fats and anti-oxidants, Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps reduce the risk of stroke!

5.) EVOO is Good for Your Gut

EVOO supports healthy probiotic bacteria in your intestines which improves the overall health of your gut!

6.) EVOO Improves Bone Health

The anti-aging properties of extra virgin olive oil prevent age-related bone loss. The presence of Vitamin D3 and polyphenols in EVOO oil promotes healthy bones.

Olive Oil on Ice Cream Summary

Adding a nice drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on your favorite ice cream will give it a nice nutty, savory flavor plus a rich buttery texture, creating a taste beyond casual sweets and desserts. The EVOO not only provides a unique taste but also offers significant health benefits. So, next time you go for a cold delight to please your sweet tooth, you must try your ice cream with EVOO and we promise it will keep you coming back for more!

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