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How To Freeze Banana Bread & Signs If It Has Gone Bad

How To Freeze Banana Bread
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Banana bread is a wonderful way to put overripe bananas to use before they go bad. This bread is a sweet, tender treat that anyone would enjoy.

But sometimes, you may end up with an extra-large loaf or several slices that you can’t enjoy in one sitting. This means you will want to store your banana bread so you can enjoy it fully later on.

So, can you freeze banana bread? Absolutely, Yes! One of the top ways to store your banana bread is by putting it in your freezer. But how long can your bread last in the freezer before going bad? Read on to learn how to freeze banana bread plus signs if it has gone bad!

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How Long Does Banana Bread Last in the Freezer?

Typically, banana bread stored on the counter at room temperature will last around 4 days before it undergoes any changes in texture. After the 5-day mark, the bread may start to lose moisture and turn dry. If you leave it even longer, it may develop mold.

On the other hand, if stored correctly, banana bread can last you around 3 to 4 months in the freezer. However, it may undergo slight changes in texture during this time as the bread may be a tad bit dry.

But you may be wondering… how do I properly freeze banana bread?

How To Freeze Banana Bread

The best way to store banana bread in the freezer is to first place it on a paper towel, so it absorbs any excess moisture. Next, wrap the bread tightly using plastic wrap or aluminum foil.  You can also use an airtight bag or container if you have any on hand.

You can either store the bread in slices, as a half loaf, or as a complete bread load. If you are using a sealing bag or container, remove as much air as possible before closing.

That’s it! Now you can store your banana bread inside your freezer and enjoy it for months to come.

How To Thaw Banana Bread

Whenever you want to eat your banana bread, you will first have to thaw it after removing it from the freezer. You can simply take it out and place it on the counter for an hour or two and the bread should thaw on its own.

If in a hurry, you can also unwrap it and place it inside a microwave for thirty seconds (not recommended since this will also lead to the bread being dry). Some prefer to use an oven, especially if you have a whole loaf that needs thawing. Set the oven to 350°F and place your loaf inside for 40-90 minutes, depending on the size of your bread loaf.

How To Freeze Banana Bread Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVOO Good For Cooking

Tips To Make Your Banana Bread Last Longer!

If you want to keep your banana bread tasting fresh for longer, try following the tips we have shared below!

1.) Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

The ingredients you use inside your banana bread batch may increase the longevity of banana bread. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for instance, is a great alternative you can use in place of butter that can help it last even longer.

For best results, make sure you choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil certified by the COOC (The Californian Olive Oil Council. We are currently in the process of being certified and should be within the month!). Banana bread made with butter tends to dry out a lot faster. After using Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you will notice that your bread is a lot moister and tends to retain its moist texture for days. This is what keeps it tasting fresh for longer plus it is much healthier!

2.) Let Your Bread Cool

Before you store your bread in a freezer, always give your bread ample time to cool down. If you wrap up warm bread right away, it will trap heat inside, leading to excess build-up of moisture. This can make your bread soggy and won’t give a very delectable texture when you thaw it. 

3.) Wrap Well

Make sure you wrap your banana bread fully before placing it in the freezer. A freezer generally has a drying nature. If any part of your banana bread is left exposed inside this compartment, it will end up drying out quickly.

For best results, you should wrap them in up to 3 layers of plastic wrap or aluminum foil, especially if you are planning to store them for longer terms.

4.) Use An Airtight Container

Many people prefer to use an airtight container in addition to plastic wrap for additional preservation. Also, if you use an airtight container, you can switch to using a single layer of plastic wrap for storing banana bread. The airtight container should offer sufficient protection against drying out.

Signs That Your Banana Bread Has Gone Bad

Whenever you thaw your frozen banana bread, you should first thoroughly check to ensure it hasn’t gone bad. It’s always better to be on the safe side if the bread gets bad.

  • Mold Growth. First, look for any potential mold growth over the surface of the banana bread. If you notice any mold, immediately discard the entire loaf. Cutting away the moldy bits and eating the rest isn’t safe because mold can easily travel inside the spongy bits of the banana bread.
  • Discoloration. Next, look for any signs of discoloration or growing dark spots over the surface of the bread. This also indicates that your bread has gone bad and isn’t safe for consumption.
  • Bad Smell. If you notice your banana bread giving any sour or funny odor, the bread has gone bad, and you should get rid of it.

What Happens If You Consume Bad Banana Bread?

If you notice your banana bread has gone bad, make sure you don’t eat it. Consuming such bread can lead to illnesses. This is because mold on the bread tends to produce a toxic called “mycotoxin.” Ingestion of this toxin can lead to an upset stomach, increased inflammation, metabolism troubles, and other health effects. Mold spores can also trigger respiratory problems or allergic reactions in some individuals.

If you believe that you may have consumed bad banana bread you should call your doctor or physician immediately!

How To Freeze Banana Bread Summary

There you go, now you know how long banana bread is good for in the freezer and how to freeze banana bread! Banana bread is a wonderful treat, but if you want to keep in fresh it for longer, you need to take special care while storing it. Adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil, covering it up well, and freezing it in an airtight container can go a long way in keeping your bread moist and fresh 🙂

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